Since March, and what really was the beginning of an intense season of isolation and worldly uncertainty, I felt something -- it felt like something was growing, like there was something taking root deep down in my spirit... I kept my eyes and ears open and my heart attuned to what I felt like God was whispering to me.

Fast forward to May 26th, 2020 -- sat alone at my kitchen table and bawled my eyes out as I forced myself to watch a video of a man crying out for his MAMA and that unidentified stirring in my spirit bubbled and shot up to the surface as if to say, “It’s time.”

That cry for Mama echoes in my soul as I know it did for so many of us. It either broke our hearts, or it wrenched us in places we didn’t even know we had feelings to feel, and for many of us it awakened something inside that had been asleep. 

Every mama - the spiritual mama, the physical mama, the grandmama, the godmoms, the moms in waiting. Whether you mother a ministry or a household of littles in all their glorious mayhem, whether your motherhood dreams were birthed from your womb or by God’s will some other way -- you’ve answered a call. A cry out for mama that says I’m here. And this has to stop so something new can start. 

God created women to carry forth His message: from womb to walking each of our individual yet connected paths. Until the moment we take our last breath, He calls us to birth new life--in families, in ministries, in the marketplace, in culture, through His church and out into a dark and desperate and broken world. 

We have been called to freedom, to love through serving one another. Leadership finds its roots in freedom. Not that we would view it as freedom to do as we please, but freedom to do what is right. That in this season, we would gain fresh and clear vision to not just stand, but to know where to stand and what to stand for. 

Your sphere of influence right now might be littles ones in diapers. It might be your social media following. It might be your bible study, your workplace. And whether you are a leader in the marketplace, on the mission field, or amidst the messy business of motherhood, God is calling you to influence. 

He’s calling all of us to birth something entirely new in our homes, communities, businesses and beyond. A world where a call for mama was made, and every mother, traditional, unconventional, and everything in between, is answering.. 

Owning your influence with excellence + empowerment -- that is what is going to ensure that the tragedy, the pain, the suffering of this season wasn’t wasted.

The Own Your Influence Womens Leadership Conference is not your normal leadership conference. It is a call to arms and an invitation to action. 

Come, get inspired and equipped to affect enduring change that will not fade when all the media hype dies down. 

I didn’t create an all-star lineup for this conference. What I did was share with the top minds--the ones who have gained the real wisdom required for effective kingdom leadership-- the fire God placed inside my heart with only one requirement: share the ‘NOW’ message you know God wants you to share with the world, for such a time as this. And they said, YES, IM ALL IN. 

Our speakers aren’t here because we paid the right price, but because they see the opportunity for God to move in a big way --Their hearts are pressed by the weight of overdue changes that our world needs. 


Heaven cries out for us to wake up and take action, as women -- the mothers and carriers of new beginnings, new life and new ways to impact the world like never before. 

At the Own Your Influence Women’s Leadership Conference you will hear from experts and thought leaders on how to own your role in changing the world effectively. No matter where you’ve been positioned, you are poised for impact and this one day event will leave you with the tangible tools you need to affect change...right where you are. 

God has given you something special to steward -- a life and a leadership role that you get to fill. Let’s gather together and grow what has been given to each of us to steward with excellence. 

When we Own Our Influence, every sphere will overlap, and we will declare in one voice that no cry for Mama will ever go unanswered again. 

Join me, and other women across the globe as we stand, united for change, connecting our areas of influence for the better, coming together to create lasting impact by filling our cup so that out of the overflow we will lead well in the world.

Rising Up Together,

Erin Weidemann

Host, Author, Speaker
I Want To Own My Influence!

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