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Here’s What You’ll Learn in These 3 Videos:

  • The secret to empowering your daughter to lead using her God-given gifts
  • How to help your daughter establish a sense of her own credibility so that she responds to the world with confidence (and out of her true identity)
  • How to give your daughter an understanding of her value and worth so that she is encouraged to become who she was made to be

You want your daughter to thrive — and in order for that to happen, she needs to know the incredible reality of who God created her to be. In this free series, we talk about how you can teach your daughter the foundational truths that will define how she responds to life, especially in the pivotal moments of her personal development.

What Does Each Video Cover?

Video #1

Leadership: Aligning Her Design with His Influence

This video is about the challenges we all face as mothers of daughters… and why it matters so much that we look to God for how to lead and love.

Video #2

Credibility: Owning Her Assignment

This video is about owning our own credibility so that we can teach our daughters how to trust themselves and overcome self-doubt.

Video #3

Accountability: Honoring Her Commitments

This video is about how to build a relationship culture of accountability with your daughter (and several examples of how to do it!).

Your Girl Is Worth More Than She Knows… But How Do You Tell Her?

You have so much to communicate to your daughter — but as any parent can attest, it’s a struggle to know how to get the message across. If you’re like most, here’s what often stops you when you think about what to tell her:

  • You feel completely ill-equipped and worried that you will mess up.
  • Because of issues in your background or adolescent years, you feel disqualified or unprepared to give your daughter guidance.
  • You aren’t sure how she will respond — or how your approach to motivating and teaching her will color your relationship.

Will she trust you? Will she ultimately trust God? As you search for the perfect words and come up empty, you think, “There must be a better way.”

I have good news for you: There is.

Let me show you what it looks like.

My name is Erin Weidemann, and the moment I found out I was having a baby girl, I panicked.

I instantly imagined future eye rolls and shouting matches with a daughter whose face I hadn’t even seen yet. I was overwhelmed with the thought of raising a young girl in a noisy, troubled world full of competing voices.

How could I tell her how much God loves her — how much she’s truly worth? Who would influence her when I wasn’t with her? Who would she believe?

God has a funny way of helping us tackle our fears. Even before our daughter was born, my husband and I began working on a project to help girls connect with positive role models, especially women from Scripture. We started a publishing company called Bible Belles for this purpose. But as time went on — as we talked to more parents desperate for ways to encourage their daughters — our mission evolved. Our business grew into something far more… a movement to fundamentally shift feminine value from beauty to inherent worth.

That’s how our mentorship program, Truth Becomes Her, came into being.

Truth Becomes Her is place for moms and mentors to gather, grow, and guide girls to discover their true value. This program exists to encourage and equip adult women to train up the next generation of female leaders to walk in their true identity and answer the call to their life’s purpose.

We’re giving away this video series, 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Daughter’s True Potential, because we want to show that you already have what it takes to help your daughter realize her full potential. God has put you in this position for a reason. And you do not walk this road alone!

All You Need to Do Is Take the First Step. Get Access to the Free Videos Today.

Ask yourself…

  • What would it be like to feel prepared — and even confident! — in the critical moments when your daughter asks the hard questions or needs reassurance of the truth?
  • How would it feel to be part of a community striving toward the same goal of helping young women grow, lead, and love in the way they were designed?
  • What would it be like for you and your daughter to connect over important truths and both feel empowered to become who you were meant to be in Christ?

All this and more is possible for you. Regardless of what you believe, your background, your past or current struggles, we know that all daughters need a foundation for their personal development that is rooted in solid, healthy principles.

When you get access to our free video series, you’ll find out just how simple it can be to take that first step toward training your daughter to see her inherent value — and live out of her true identity.

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